• Fall Driving Safety Tips

    Fall Driving Safety Tips

    Leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler. Here at Murray’s Tire and Auto, we want you and your family to stay safe this fall with these fall safety tips.

  • Tips for Summer Car Maintenance

    Tips for Summer Car Maintenance

    Summer Car Maintenance Tips Summer calls for travel! Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination, it’s always a good idea to have your car serviced when there’s a drastic change in weather. The heat and extended use of your car can be damaging. Some of this damage includes broken air conditioners, low tire pressure,

  • New Tires vs Used Tires

    New Tires vs Used Tires

    The time has come for you to replace your tires. You have a lot of options. There are specialty tires, generic tires, new tires, and used tires. Here’s everything you need to know about new and used tires so you can make a well-informed decision.

  • Are Summer Tires Worth It?

    Are Summer Tires Worth It?

    Most people have heard of winter tires or all-season tires but rarely do people speak about summer tires. But what Are Summer Tires? Often referred to as performance tires, summer tires are lighter and made out of a softer rubber that gets more contact with the ground in warmer weather. Read on to learn more.

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