Why Go To Murray's Tire Bargains?

Now, more than ever, we are here to help our Raleigh area neighbors and communities. We are proud to serve you, and protect your health and safety on the road and at home. There is nothing more exciting and liberating than having a car you trust and rely on.

Murray’s Tires & Auto is the premium auto shop in Raleigh NC. Our team exceeds expectations by going beyond just providing customers with economically priced tires. We take care of your entire vehicle by using floor mats, seat, and wheel covers on pick up and delivery.

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What to Expect

At Murray’s Tire auto shop, our customers receive assistance from the top and most experienced tire and auto professionals.

These are times of uncertainty, but it doesn’t have to be with your car, car maintenance and your ability to make short or long-distance trips to the family and friends you love and care for. One thing is certain, your family, friends, and loved ones are essential people, no matter what the government could ever say or do in this lifetime or the next.

Call Now: (919) 821-0573

Why Pick up & Delivery?

Murray’s Tires & Auto Pick Up and Delivery Service is designed to make your car maintenance and tire shopping experience as easy, smooth, and safe as possible. For decades we have been your trusted auto shop, and for decades we have served your family, and we are not going to stop providing you with the safety and security that you deserve.

To ensure your safety and our team members, we are following the CDC’s guidelines to disinfect your vehicle before and after service.

We’re dedicated to providing excellent vehicle service while maintaining safety and offering you peace of mind in the process. We use the latest equipment and technology to service your cars’ new and used tires, suspension, wheel alignment, brake repair, nitrogen, and heating and air conditioning.

We are ready to dispatch our team right to your driveway and pick up your car for it’s scheduled maintenance. Click the button to schedule your pick up or call 919 821 0573!

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  • “Who knew an auto shop could be this awesome! The service reps and techs are friendly and thorough. When you visit Murray’s, they make you feel right at home…And they work fast! You won’t be disappointed!”

    Jill D


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