Murray’s Tire and auto services Raleigh goes beyond supplying customers with tires at affordable rates. We strive to be Raleigh’s one-stop auto repair service for tires, brakes and wheel alignments. At Murray’s tire and auto Services Raleigh, customers benefit from our skilled auto service technicians and practical advice on new tires, used tires, and brakes. Have a car repair question? Our tire and auto service experts are happy to help. Murray’s skilled technicians are here to help you get back on the road, safely and as soon as possible.

The tire and auto services Raleigh department are skilled in servicing today’s complex brake systems. When you visit our Raleigh auto shop, one of our experienced technicians will perform a thorough inspection for tires, and your brakes. We provide brake repairs for both standard brake systems and ABS.

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best. We love brake repair Raleigh, brake service, our auto repair shop.

As with all products and services at Murray’s tire shop Raleigh, our new tire selection features top quality products at reasonable rates. Visit today to take advantage of our low prices on the new tire brands you trust.

Visit our convenient location, one mile from downtown Raleigh, for all your tire and auto services needs.


It’s always better to maintain an investment rather than waiting until major repairs are necessary. This is especially true with your car. Regular maintenance is an important part of your car’s auto service needs. Here are some helpful tips for preventing the need for major repairs in the future:

  • Have your tires rotated regularly. To help you remember, have this done every time you have your car’s oil changed.
  • Wiper blades are a minor part that can make a big difference. Have them changed a couple times a year for good visibility in bad weather.
  • Hear a screeching or grinding sound when you brake? Brake problems can quickly become dangerous. Make an appointment for a brake inspection.
  • Loud mufflers aren’t just obnoxious; it can mean dangerous exhaust fumes are leaking into the passenger compartment. If your muffler is loud, come in to have your exhaust system checked.
  • Brake pads are important to keep your car functioning normally. Have them checked regularly.
  • To ensure that your engine keeps functioning reliably, maintain proper oil and coolant levels at all times.


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