How to Use a Portable Car Battery Jump Starter
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How to Use a Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

A portable battery jump starter is a must-have for all drivers. It can be used to jumpstart your car, even if there’s no power and the engine has stalled. With this handy device, you’ll never get stuck on the side of the road again!

How to Safely Use a Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

It will allow you to start your vehicle if the battery dies, or even provide power for other needs like turning on lights, heating up food, or charging electronic devices. The battery jumper consists of two cables attached to metal clamps which are then hooked up to the terminals of the dead battery by attaching them with alligator clips. A small internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers this unit and provides enough power for starting most vehicles without being plugged into an external power source.

Automotive battery problems have been a thing for quite some time now, but thanks to innovative technology and the internet we are able to find a better solution. In the past, if your vehicle’s battery was dead you needed a set of jumper cables and help from another car.

The car with the charged battery would transfer power to the vehicle with the dead battery by using the battery jumper cables. This is neither convenient nor practical without the right tools or the help of another driver.

Fortunately thanks to the innovative technology we are able to find a better solution. These jump starters have high capacity lithium-ion batteries and strong amps rating, which means they can charge quickly so you don’t need another charger or cables with multiple cords attached while waiting on them recharging as well! Most models also come with USB outputs that allow users the option of powering other devices such as mobile phones when there isn’t an outlet available nearby; flashlight features in addition to all other standard functions are typically included by design.

How Do They Work?

Portable jump starters are a great way to get your car started when it will not start with its own battery. They work by connecting special booster cables directly into the 12 volt port on one end and looping these around the attached clamps.

Once connected on both ends, simply start your engine as you normally would and the jump starter will provide all of the charge needed to start your car. Your car will crank just as quickly with this portable device instead of another vehicle’s power source.

Now that you have successfully boosted your car and disconnected the portable jump starter from its power source, it’s time to put away all of those cables. First, disconnect the red clamp on the terminal followed by a black one before putting the jumper away for storage in case anything goes wrong again.

Portable Car Battery Jumper Tips


  • To get the best results, use the jumper when the battery level is between 70% and 100%. Depending on how drained your battery is and the size of your vehicle’s engine, undercharged jump starters may not perform as expected
  • Never crank the engine for more than five seconds as you may damage your vehicle’s battery, the portable jump starter or even both.
  • If your engine does not start the first time around, wait about a minute before attempting to crank your engine again.
  • Always make sure to connect the red clamp to the positive terminal (+) and the black clamp to the negative (-) terminal.
  • We strongly recommend charging your portable jump starter every 2-4 months, even if you haven’t used it.
  • Always keep the portable jump starter in your vehicle so you can stay safe on the road, no matter where you are.
  • When boosting your car’s battery roadside, always make sure to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Use your hazard lights to warn other drivers as well.



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