Picking The Right All-Season Tires
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Picking The Right All-Season Tires

When you’re picking tires there’s rarely a “best option”, what you’re looking for is the right option for your car, your lifestyle and your location. Your driving habits and how old your vehicle is are also factors to consider when picking new all season tires.

All season tires are made for an average day-to-day driver. If you live in a location with a significant amount of snow and ice or you enjoy off-roading and street racing, you should consider a tire other than the all-season tires.

If you don’t meet those conditions, look into all-season tires! Odds are, that’s the type of tire you need for your vehicle.

All-Weather vs. All-Season

Consumer Reports tested 64 tire models this year and discovered that all-weather tires are rivaling traditional all-season tires. All-weather tires were found to have more traction in severe snow or ice during the winter months. They’re also expected to last around 50,000 miles or more. This is significantly longer than you would get with exclusive snow/winter tires.

All-Weather tires are essentially just the performance tire for all-season tires. They’re more focused on handling, but they also lose more tread life, which can be an issue for someone who needs the tread based on their location. However, they are pricier than your average all-season tires.

Good All-Season Tires

We’ve compiled a list of the top all-weather/all-season tires on the market. Like mentioned above, there is no “best option”, you have to find the right tire for you

all season tire

Michelin Defender T+H

A well balanced tire, designed for all-season performance and a comfortable ride. These tires have guaranteed tread life up to 80,000 miles. Made to fight coupes, sedancs, crossovers and minivans, this tire is great for drivers who want longevity without the sacrifice of comfort or handling.

all season tire

Continental Control Contact Tour A/S Plus

The Control Contact Tour tire was made with a balance of efficiency, comfort and reliability. They were designed with all-season traction so they’re a great option for any standard driver or even a family vehicle.

If you’re struggling with picking an all-weather or all-season tire set for your vehicle, reach out to us! We would love to help you find the tire that’s right for you and your lifestyle.


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