Six Car Smells That Should Not Be Ignored

Six Car Smells That Should Not Be Ignored

When you’re driving, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. You need to check for any potential hazards that may affect the safety of the road and other drivers on it. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that there are some smells coming from their car that may indicate a bigger problem with the vehicle. If these smells become persistent or more intense over time, they should be checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible to avoid any potentially dangerous situations like having no brakes or overheating.

Six Odors in Cars That Could Lead to Serious Problems

Burnt Oil Smell

Oil can leak and burn if it falls on the hot surfaces of your car. It’s also caused due to low engine oil levels or transmission fluid leakage, which may cause a smell similar to cooking oil burning in a pan.
Oil is used for lubricating mechanical components; however, this poses an issue when there are leaks that deplete its level before you know about them- leading to not only more expensive repairs but potential damage too! Quickly getting these things fixed will save money spent on replacing costly fluids like motor oils with synthetic ones while saving time from having professional mechanics do major work over again at their own expense  (which might be necessary).

Fuel Smell

If you come in contact with fuel while refueling, the smell of gasoline will linger for some time. A few days after repairing your car’s gas tank or if there are no obvious reasons why it smells so strongly then I would suggest getting an inspection quickly just to be safe because this could mean a leak has started which can get out of control at high temperatures posing serious risks including fire
A quick fix might not always work but by having someone who knows what they’re doing check everything over again their experience should help locate any source that needs fixing fast before anything else happens

Exhaust Smell in Vehicle

If you smell smoke or exhaust fumes in the cabin, open all of your windows as quickly as possible. It could mean that there is a broken pipe somewhere along with the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning which can be deadly if not dealt with immediately by going to an auto shop right away.

Burnt Plastic Smell

The smell of burning plastic is often indicative that there’s an electrical problem. The fumes are harmful, so it’s important to open the care windows and let fresh air in. Proper ventilation can help drive out these noxious odors before they do any more damage. A short circuit could cause a fire in your vehicle too.

Mold and Mildew Smell

The first clue that your car may be experiencing some mold or mildew problems can oftentimes show up as a musty, damp smell. If you notice this during the daytime when it’s hot outside then chances are there is an issue with the air conditioner which tends to attract moisture due to warm conditions inside the components of modern vehicles. Mold and mildew are also health hazards because they can trigger ailments such as asthma and allergies.

Dead Animal Smell

If you notice a strong, rancid odor coming from your car and it smells like a dead animal. If this isn’t the first time that something has made its way inside or near one of these engines-like if there have been previous instances with other animals dying nearby–get in touch with us immediately so we can investigate before things get worse! It’s possible an issue exists within either ventilation system components such as mufflers/exhaust pipes located underneath where air enters through grates at roof level; then again maybe not since some converters become clogged by deceased critters too – just make sure nothing gets overlooked because ignoring signs could lead to much more expensive repairs down the road.

You can trust us to sniff out any signs of trouble and fix them before they become a major headache. We’ll give your vehicle a detailed check-up, so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs down the road. Give our technicians at Murray’s Tire & Auto a call us today at (919)-821-0573 or click here to schedule an appointment online.


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